About Moira

As a child I loved dance and movement. One of my more traumatic grade-school experiences was being reprimanded for twirling on my way to sharpen my pencil. Why would I walk when I could twirl?

I remember slamming out of the house, yelling good-bye to my mother as I got a running start and swung my leg over my bike, bound for whatever adventure I could cook up. A little chubby, and not at all self-conscious in a decade when 10-year-olds still weren’t.

Stuff happened. I gained weight, grew more self-conscious, and as I indulged my appetites for all the forbidden foods, I deprived myself of the twirling, the dancing, the movement, the adventures.

Fast-forward through all the years of dieting/bingeing, therapy and personal growth to a Waves workshop with Gabrielle Roth, where “we discover our feet and stop holding our breath”. I released years and years of withholding, of deprivation, and feasted on the experience of the dance, in the period of five hours.

I rode the energy of the Wave for the next two days until my back went into serious spasm. The rest of the week was a muscle-relaxant/painkiller-induced haze in which I slept and pondered, and came to a decision: this body at this weight in this condition is depriving me of the exhilaration of the dance; I think I’ll change that.

The first cornerstones of the Authentic Body Project (Action Learning Project, Intrinsic Motivation, Small Steps) are rooted in my experiences over the next several months of losing 50 pounds.

What took longer than six months was the gradual re-discovery of hungers that had been hidden for so long because I thought I was too fat, and with that re-discovery, the realization that it’s not as much about the weight, as it is our thoughts and beliefs about the weight.
calendar_girlI started daring myself, and that’s where the FUN really began!

I completed the Hood-to-Coast Relay and re-discovered the strength that comes from setting and achieving a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”. Not to mention my love of running the trails in and around Boulder. I went on to complete the Portland Marathon, and the Danskin Triathlon.

I did a fire walk. And then I walked the coals again, naked, and felt an unprecedented sense of glory and joyous ownership in my body.

I was Miss November in a Calendar Girls calendar, and dared to express the sensual, charming, beautiful and yes! sexy! woman that I am.

As an Authentic Body Coach, I am devoted to working with people who are tired of living lives of quiet deprivation. I am passionate about helping you re-discover the vibrant, gutsy, fully-embodied life that comes from re-connecting with all your hungers and moving forward enthusiastically to satisfy them.

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