100 Days of Yoga

by Moira on April 30, 2015

ba-silk-cocoons It all started innocently enough.  I had scored some silk cocoons at a “Going Out of Business” sale, and I was looking for images to spark some inspiration about what to do with them.  Which led to images of people doing aerial yoga.  Which led me to Figure Yoga: a studio that just happens to be about a mile away.

savasana With some trepidation, I showed up to my first Intro to Unnata® Aerial Yoga in January.    The postures were challenging in a fun kind of way.  Taking final savasana in the silks was like being gently rocked, and I felt my whole being sigh and relax.  I did just that one weekly class for about three months.

There’s this thing happening on Facebook and Instagram called “100 Days of …” I’m not usually the kind of person who does 100 days of anything, but I was intrigued. As I was thoughtfully considering what I wanted to put in the blank, “yoga” came up. Maybe. I had the opportunity of doing a Friday morning aerial yoga class. Checking out the website, I thought that maybe I was ready to try out a  Cycle Yoga class.  Saturday morning there was an announcement on the Facebook page that they were offering two free cycle yoga classes that afternoon.  I know a sign from the Universe when I see one.

Sunday was the aerial yoga class.  Monday was the start of the “100 days of …” and I was already three days in.  I got up at 6 AM (!) and attended Vinyasana Flow class and announced my intention.

Today is Day 28.  Some days are challenging; some days are fun; some days are challenging in a fun kind of way.  I’m trying out some different options in Boulder County and will be blogging about them in the next couple months.  Stay tuned.

Want to try it out for yourself?  Figure Yoga is offering two free Unnata® Aerial Yoga classes this Saturday!


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