Eat Your Way to Gorgeous

by Moira on August 4, 2014

Blueberry Bubble Tea Smoothie -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb CameraChocolate for Breakfast?  The phrase caught my eye, and that’s how I was introduced to Sue Ann Gleason over at Conscious Bites Nutrition.

Let me back up here and say that I have an aversion to most nutritionists.  I’ve known  a few in my life,  in addition to other well-meaning health care providers, who want to tell me the “right way to eat”.   And I’ve never made a significant shift in my eating choices because someone else thought I should.  Reading that Sue Ann believes we “should eat only what we savor and that we should begin with chocolate”  was exactly what was needed to get past the prickly defenses.

So there I was about a year ago, reading a lot about insulin resistance and the suggested low-carb diets, in all the many flavors.  I was experimenting with some restrictive choices (which is not to say deprivation – so many subtle nuances here!)  And up popped an invitation to the pilot Eat Your Way to Gorgeous program, the perfect counter-balance.  Here’s what I love about it:

  • The focus is on nourishing and delightful foods (right in alignment with Authentic Body Project practices), and an encouragement to try new things.  I’m not overly fond of cucumbers or watermelon.  Still, I was willing to try a couple recipes that Sue Ann shared (no spoilers here!) and discovered some new delights for a hot summer day.  This spirit of willingness to open up my vision has stayed with me.  I’ve never met a brussel sprout that I liked; there’s something about the texture that I just don’t enjoy.  And a couple days ago at a deli counter, I saw a Kale and Brussel Sprout salad, and asked for a taste of it.  I didn’t hate it (which is saying something).  Now I’m looking at recipes that I can try at home.
  • A real spirit of camaraderie exists in the group.  In addition to Sue Ann’s offerings, other group members are posting pictures and recipes.  This year some squash blossoms were included in my CSA basket, provoking lively conversation.


  • Such a sense of spaciousness around each person’s choices.  There is no dogma here; instead the focus is on honoring the wisdom of our bodies (so in accordance with the philosophy behind Authentic Body Project).  It really is a multi-cultural (food-wise) community.  When I asked a question about a specific choice that Sue Ann had mentioned, the response was “this is why I choose not to…”  with all the space in the world for me to take that information and choose for myself.
  • Chocolate!  In addition to the topic of the day, each of the ten emails has an “It’s All About the Chocolate” section.  Sometimes it includes recipes, other times education about the “bean to bar” experience.  Turns out one of these chocolatiers has a shop right down the road!

The next session of  Eat Your Way to Gorgeous starts next Monday.  Come join us!

This is not an affiliate program.  If you decide to register, I receive nothing except the joy of companions on the path.




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