The Beckoning of My Becoming

by Moira on April 6, 2010


It’s that time of year… coming up on a birthday … that has me reflecting on what the past year has brought, and what it is I want to create in the next year.

It’s a “9” year, packing an extra punch. Looking ahead not just to what I want to create in the next year, but to who I am becoming… and how do I want to arrive at 60.

I’m haunted – maybe too dark a word – by a conversation I had with a friend a few months ago.  Facing a divorce not of his choosing, his comment was, “if I’d known a year and a half ago that the problems we were having would be fatal to the marriage, I might have made some different choices.” 

 Not so profound, perhaps.  And yet, I am haunted the impact of it.  And the question about where in my life is  the becoming wanting more intention, less unconsciousness?   The gremlins jump in!  ever-ready to take advantage of the vulnerability.  “Fix this!  Fix that!  They bring out the tried-and-true weapons of the “problems”  I have “struggled” with for years.

The Beckoning of my Becoming is smarter than to fall for their old tricks.  This is not the time for the masculine, strategic, make-it-happen energy.  Action, yes.  Commitment, yes.  Inspired action that arises out of the commitment to the continuous unfolding, the  beauty of my becoming.


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