by Moira on March 8, 2010

something within seeking expression

I’ve been on the “integral fringe” for a few years, intrigued when I read Integral Spirituality.  I am both attracted by and resistant to an Integral Life Practice: a structure that I imagine would help me to be more effective, productive, and organized. 

So it was a little surprising to me that when the opportunity of this five-day intensive called Integral Incubator, my instant response was  the Yes! I’ve learned to trust. 

With words like “intensive” and “boot-camp”, I was a little apprehensive.  And at the same time, willing to look closely at which comfort zones and knee-jerk responses are no longer serving. 

I sometimes get “prickly” when talking about it, especially if I’m picking up a “I have lots of expertise in this area, and I can help you” vibe.  It happened with someone over the lunch hour.  I noticed it and named it, giving us an opportunity to take the conversation to a different place, seeking the common ground.

An intention arising from that interaction, is to learn to be in these conversations as a flexible, fluid, dance instead of from a prickly, defensive stance.

It’s the next step forward in launching the Authentic Body Project as something more than this sometimes blog, something more than just my personal process.


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Margaret Graham March 9, 2010 at 11:57 am

Thanks for modelling the transparency that can take a connection to a higher level. I need that today.

Hmmmm…the next step for Authentic Body Project. Bring it on!

Moira March 11, 2010 at 2:15 pm

Thanks, Margaret. Transparency has been a real theme for me this week. I’m looking forward to greater and greater transparency on this blog!

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