Snake Skins

by Moira on December 24, 2009


A dharma buddy re-entered my life a few weeks ago, and I was swept into a vortex of intense opening, unfolding, and practicing presense.  It was as exhilarating as any other period in my life when I felt like the paradigms were shifting so fast I could hardly keep up with them.  Layers of old story were shed like a snake shedding a skin to allow for new growth.

So DB and I were having breakfast on Sunday before we went in different directions to spend the holidays with family.  And I was relating a practice that I learned from Angeles Arrien.  The period of December 21st-January 20th is a microcosm of the year to come;  how we are during this month can set the tone for the next eleven. 

Impulses followed, connections made, actions taken in this period last year completely shaped this past year.   It has been a time of letting go of what other people’s advice about the way to make “it” happen (whether the “it” is about losing weight, or body acceptance, or building my coaching practice or writing a blog) and relying more and more upon my own intuitive guidance, and inspiration.

At the conclusion of the breakfast conversation, DB and I encouraged each other to “go for it, buddy!” during the next month.  (Interestingly enough, the snake sheds it’s skin about once a month).  I am left with the inquiry of what “going for it” means in this relatively new perspective of allowing.  And what is the skin that wants shedding next?


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Robert Weems December 24, 2009 at 8:45 pm


Witnessing and sharing your beautiful openness and expansion of being is a joy and an honor.


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