27 Things

by Moira on October 11, 2009

Labor Day weekend I was inspired to do some space-clearing. There had been stacks on the dining room table, on the stairs to go up, on the basement stairs to go down, and stacks of books and journals next to my reading place for far too long. I have been mostly of the mindset that “a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind” and my personal spaces have echoed that. I eventually stopped buying “how to get organized” books when I realized they were just adding to the clutter.

I’m an eclectic by nature, so I cobbled together a process that has had amazing results, and one that I’ve really enjoyed sticking to. The core of the process is a practice offered by Angeles Arrien in her Second Half of Life workshop: “If you want your life to change, give-away, throw-away or move 27 things a day for 9 days.” On busy days, 27 things takes me about 10 minutes. I actually count, though there’s usually one or two more things in the vicinity, so I rarely stop at 27. Somewhere between 28 and 33 is the norm. Other days, especially on the weekends, I’ve spent hours giving-away, throwing-away and moving stuff.

It is an amazing process. I cleaned out the coat closet, and found a leather briefcase I bought in the mid-eighties when I was into dressing for success, and my goals and dreams were centered around making my way as a computer scientist. I haven’t carried that briefcase in years, and as it went into the give-away box, I felt like I was letting go of a whole aspect of myself that doesn’t fit anymore.

Today was the start of “cycle 5”. I have no idea where it ends; at the end of each cycle, I choose again. I’m letting go of ties that bind, freeing me to open to whatever is next.

Part 2 in this series on space-clearing is here.


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