by Moira on October 8, 2009

  I’m a recent convert to listening to tunes while I’m walking outside.  In the past, I’ve been content to have my own thoughts for company, and to enjoy being present with Nature.    I was over at the Itunes store recently and was inspired to download some upbeat music for a workout playlist.  I’ve found that I do tend to walk at a faster pace.

I was out for a walk on one of my favorite open space paths in Boulder earlier this week, listening and bopping along.  A lot of what is on the playlist is music from my high school years.  And I got to thinking about how music from that time always lifts my spirits, and why is it that we get so attached to the songs of our teen-age years?  Granted, I had the Beatles and the Stones and the Beach Boys providing the soundtrack.  But I also had less notables like The Archies and Vanilla Fudge.  (Did you know that Iron Butterfly and Buffalo Springfield are classifed as “one-hit wonders?”).

 I was walking and singing “you are my candy girl…“,  and what occurred to me was that even though I experienced my share of teen-age angst (primarily because of my weight and feelings about my body), this music connects me to a time when my dreams were still bright and shiny, and everything seemed possible.  Listening to that music as I walk, at a time when I am connected to my body,  is like taking some Brasso to the dreams that have gotten a bit tarnished, and reminds me that the future is still bright and shiny and the possibilities are infinite.

And then it shuffles to Lady GaGa, singing “Money“…


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Carol Allison October 9, 2009 at 9:40 pm

Buffalo Springfield a one-hit wonder? No way! I guess I say that because the group is full of incredible musicians who have demonstrated longevity and also went on to be part of so many other amazing groups.

Congratulations on your commitment to “a post a day”, Moira! Your writing is great; accessible, engaging and easy to read – with a message worth hearing every time. I hope you keep it going!

Moira October 10, 2009 at 12:31 am

Thanks, Carol.

Funny thing is, I recently bought the Buffalo Springfield Retrospective CD at a garage sale. Have to admit, “For What It’s Worth” is the only song on it that was familiar to me. It seemed incredible to me, not only because of the musicians, but because that song was so iconic.

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