Lose Your Dreams…

by Moira on October 7, 2009


…and you will lose your mind.

Keith Richards

Last night, the TV in the living room spontaeously turned on while I was in another room.  I was on Facebook, so I updated my status, which led to a few different stories of the cause.


  • Seasonal – I have a ghost.
  • Pragmatic – something has gone awry with the remote control – may need new batteries.
  • Mystical – the Universe is sending me a message.  What was on the TV when it turned on?  (NCIS)

I choose “mystical” as the one with the most entertainment value.  After some bantering, what popped was Jethro Gibbs’ trademark “slap upside the head” – the Universe lovingly and, with amusement, calling me forth.  The whole event reminded me to bring more awareness to what’s coming in peripherally.

This morning when I turned on the weather channel to check the weather, the background music for “Local on the 8’s” was Ruby Tuesday by the Stones.  Hmmm….

Recently, as part of a course I’m in, I responded to a question about the lifestyle I want to create.   I was somewhat surprised that when I got quiet and approached the question with “beginner’s mind” that what spilled forth was very different from other times that I had answered a similar question.  Instead of the circumstances of my life, it was much more about my attitude.

My life is one of Dreaming, and living into the Dream; of questions and living the questions now.

Abbondanza: the sweet scent of fresh earth and fresh herbs in my garden; the warmth of the summer sun on my skin; the salt spray of the ocean; the verdant, mossy smell of the forests where I grew up, the breath-taking mountains framed by an amazing Colorado blue sky on my commute, the luxuriating of being alive in a body and savoring this moment…. and this one …. and this one.

Femme Vitale: imbued with vitality that stems from the fully-embodied partipation in the magickal, creative process; with the exhilaration that accompanies the exploration of uncharted territories of the Spirit; so full of the wonder of it, the enthusiasm for life that I feel I could burst! YES!!!

Zola: and from all of that, taking it out into the world, moving from within, allowing the urges to call me forward. Inspired to connect, to love, to share… the flow of a life lived out loud…

… and ebb. Staying true to what Nourishes and Delights in the places I live, the people I share my life with, and what I create in the world.


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Margaret October 8, 2009 at 11:54 am

I love this idea of beginner’s mind. I’m going to carry it with me today.

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