Resistance is Futile

by Moira on May 13, 2009

I recently attended an event where the speaker was talking self-discipline, and how we create those habits around practices (specifically meditation) that we know would be beneficial, but we have a hard time making ourselves do. It started out well enough, with a view of Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED talk that left most of us inspired to spend more time in our right brain, and less time in our left brain.

What happened over the next 45 minutes was fascinating as the speaker not only failed to further inspire the audience, but actually de-motivated a large portion. And there’s often a similar dynamic when wanting to change habits around food or movement or body image.

You want relief from the feelings of despair, discouragement, frustration. You think that if you could only make yourself do what you know to do that you would feel better. And it works: maybe for a few weeks, sometimes only a few days, often only a few hours. And then life happens and you fall back into the old habits. Sound familiar?

Every diet, every exercise program that is embarked upon as relief from those painful feelings will have only limited success. Because the pain you’re experiencing is not because of the weight, it’s because you’re using your thoughts and feelings about your body as your excuse to not be the daring, fabulous Being that you are!

It’s not about change; it’s about becoming.

It’s not about fussing about what you want less of; it’s about focusing on what you want more of.

It’s not about pushing against; it’s about reaching toward.

What are you reaching toward?


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