Reframing Acceptance

by Moira on May 3, 2009

It all gets so tangled … slogging around in the Swamp of Self-Loathing until it becomes too painful to stay any longer. Non-acceptance. Something’s got to change: either go back to the last thing that worked, or seek out the next new thing, and off we go again, seeking relief from the self-loathing.

abandonhopesign2There’s nothing wrong with that. Except it doesn’t work. Not for most people. Not for very long. Not permanently.

Most often, when we think about body acceptance, we think it means giving up our hopes and dreams for ever having the body that we long for, yearn for. And you’re reluctant to do that, with good reason.

Acceptance is being willing to disarm yourself. Put down the club. You know the one. You carry it in your bag so it is handy in case you should happen to catch your reflection in a mirror, or plate-glass window.

Acceptance is being able to take a matter-of-fact stance about where you are, and where you want to go. “Don’t know quite how I got here” (or maybe if you’ve had lots of therapy, you do know. Doesn’t matter.) “But this is where I am, and fretting about being here isn’t going to help a bit. So, deep breath and move forward. ”

Acceptance is not abandoning hope; it’s embracing hope. It’s the Start square on the game board of the Authentic Body Project(tm).


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