In My Mother’s House

by Moira on April 22, 2008

I’ve been away from the blog, but not away from the project. We moved my mother into an assisted living facility at the beginning of the month, and now, I am staying at her house outside of Portland, OR for a couple weeks, helping to clear it out and prepare it for sale.

The hole in the sidewalk that I have been falling into is “running on empty“. Between the actual clearing/organizing work, the logistical details, running over to see Mom every day (I live 1000 miles from here, so I want to pour in all the love and attention I can as she makes this difficult adjustment), and continuing to work remotely at my day job, there is little time for self-nourishment – physically, emotionally, spiritually – and I have little hunger for mental nourishment. Normally, an avid reader, I’m only a few pages into the novel I bought at the airport.

If I were to point to a chapter in the previously posted Autobiography, I would say I’m vacillating between chapters III and IV. The values driving several of my choices over the past ten days have been fast and convenient. I’m skirting the hole now, having been to a couple natural groceries – still picking up fast and convenient, but at least these choices are also healthy and tasty, unlike the drive-throughs.


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